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About the SAT KRAK 2016

The 12th edition of SAT KRAK, the largest exhibition of digital television in Poland will take place in the Galaxy Hotel ( in Kraków, Poland on 6-7.10.2016. The event is organized in cooperation with SAT Kurier magazine. SAT KRAK 2016 will take place at 4-star Galaxy Hotel on Gesia 22A street in Kraków. 800 square meters of space will be available to exhibitors and visitors.

The aim of SAT KRAK 2016 exhibition is integration of television broadcasters, digital platform operators, satellite operators and - most of all - importers and producers of digital receivers and electronic equipment for digital television reception as well as satellite, cable and DVB-T installers. The exhibition main partners are ASTRA and EUTELSAT.

In SAT KRAK 2016 conferences and discussions panel will attend the representatives of the country’s largest companies and organizations in the TV industry. Year after year, the exhibition become more and more popular within companies, which want to show their latest products on the Polish market. As well as visitors - who want to see new products. At a special gala which is organized on the first day of the exhibition, SAT KURIER AWARDS 2016 will be presented. The winners will be selected through a plebiscite.

SAT KRAK 2016 is a project that provides measurable benefits not only to distribution companies and producers, but also to potential customers.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the SAT KRAK 2016 exhibition.

Event name:

ul. Gęsia 22A
31-535 KRAKÓW, Poland


More details coming soon.
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